Integrated solutions


From project study to monitoring over time

Our team of engineers and automation specialists designs, optimises and remotely monitors all the facilities and systems we install. Involved from the outset of the project, they draw up all the specific schematics and electrical diagrammes, and design the programming to suit the objectives. A vision for each machine, redundancy management, supervision of all the systems... each system is tailor-made, checked, commissioned and monitored over time.

Exclusive control algorithms

Over the years, our in-house R&D team has developed our own control algorithms. They are then implemented on the PLCs of equipment manufacturers such as Siemens, Bechkoff, Zenon and Modbus, to reduce and optimise our customers' energy consumption, taking account of the needs and specific features of each system installed.

Let's explore together how we can achieve and exceed the performance of your system.