Overall control


Design and control of systems for the production and distribution of cold and heat using natural fluids.

  • Single-stage, multi-stage and cascade systems / subcritical and trans-critical systems: adaptation of the system architecture based on the needs of the target application and the specific requirements of the customer
  • Good energy sense: optimising the architecture and functionality of systems so as to make the most of the available energy, while maintaining economic pragmatism
  • Compliance with standards: design of our systems in compliance with the latest standards in force, particularly as regards refrigeration systems and pressure equipment


  • Hydraulic networks: design, construction and control of multi-consumer hydraulic systems, including at below-zero temperatures
  • Refrigeration networks: design, construction and control of pumped and direct expansion refrigeration systems
  • Energy networks: design, construction and control of systems optimising energy flows within an ecosystem with multiple producers and consumers

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Proprietary algorithm for the management, optimisation and monitoring of refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat generation systems.

Implementation on the following main systems:

  • PLCs: Siemens, Beckhoff
  • Supervision system: Zenon
  • Modes of communication: Modbus, Bacnet, Profinet

Natural fluids

Global innovations in natural fluid solutions: ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrocarbons (HC).

  • Choosing to respect the environment: use of naturally occurring fluids in the environment that have no impact on ozone, the greenhouse effect, or water quality. Unlike synthetic fluids (HFO).
  • Inherent risk management (high pressure, toxicity, flammability): knowledge of and compliance with the safety requirements and standards for each fluid, including gas detection and ventilation systems.
  • Selection of materials: ensuring that the materials are compatible with each fluid, to ensure the durability of systems.

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