Integrated solutions


The engineering office

With a team of around fifteen engineers (Dr, EPFL, HES) and a 3D draughtsman-designer, the engineering office is involved in each project from the outset, in order to determine the size and the optimum configuration in terms of energy benefits. Each engineer then manages the project in collaboration with the manufacturing and assembly teams, right through to commissioning. The engineer even works directly on the facilities, with the technicians, during the life of the project. Support that combines design and pragmatism, driven by the same demand for quality and efficiency at every stage.

Wide-ranging experience

With our varied and complementary skills, we deploy our tailor-made engineering approach in all areas: industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, heat pumps, heat recovery, NH3 and CO2... By adapting to the specific needs of each site or facility - wineries, fruit storage, ice rinks, cured meats, pharma, district heating - to the size of the structure and to the inherent and specific constraints of each project.

Let's explore together how we can achieve and exceed the performance of your system.